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Alpha Radiation - Definition of Science Terms

Definition: Alpha radiation is ionizing radiation resulting from the decay of radioisotopes where an alpha particle is emitted. This radiation is denoted by the Greek letter ÃŽ ±. Examples: When Uranium-238 decays into Thorium-234, an alpha particle is produced in the form of alpha radiation.

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Borachio in William Shakespeares Much Ado about Nothing...

No Small Parts, Only Small Actors There are no small parts, only small actors. Is this statement accurate? Minor characters, by simple definition, are characters who do not play a major role in a work of literature. However, every character serves a purpose. Simply because a character does not have many lines or appear in many scenes does not mean that he does not play a major part in the development of the plot. One such character is Borachio in William Shakespeares Much Ado about Nothing. While Borachio appears in only six scenes, he is very important to the entire play. As a minor character, Borachio seems insignificant, but without his role in the play, there would be neither conflict nor a resolution. Borachios role is†¦show more content†¦Though Borachio hears that Hero, Claudio, and Don Pedro settle the confusion and Claudio and Hero are still getting married, he still feels that there is time to create more conflict to prevent this seemingly inevitable marriage. Being the love interest of Margaret (Heros waiting woman) allows Borachio to conjure up another plan to accomplish this task. After devising a plan to make it seem as though Hero is being unfaithful to Claudio, Borachio goes to Don John and advises him that Claudio and Don Pedro will scarcely believe this without trial . . . hear me call Margaret Hero, hear Margaret term me Claudio (2.2.40-44). Borachio and Margaret are at the window, and from Claudios view, he cannot tell that it is Margaret, not Hero, in the window with Borachio. Henceforth, this mistaken identity causes the main conflict in the play, one where Borachio takes the role of the villain. Because Don John has a reason to hate his brother, Borachio s acts seem much more villainous because he has no direct motivation. Having the full intention to disrupt the marriage of Claudio and Hero, Borachio develops his plan on his own and is offered compensation from Don John subsequent to this development. Don John tells Borachio that his fee is a thousand ducats (2.3.53), making Borachios only obvious direct motivation receiving full compensation for his villainous actions. Borachios misleading act sets the stage for theShow MoreRelatedCharacter Analysis Of Much Ado About Nothing, By William Shakespeare1247 Words   |  5 PagesAround the world, Shakespeares works are read and analysed. His plays are sorted into four categories: Comedies, Histories, Tragedies and Romances. â€Å"Much Ado About Nothing†, by William Shakespeare, demonstrates the characteristics recurrent in elizabethan tragedies, despite being considered a comedy. These significant elements include: a villain, death, and a tragic love story. To begin, a Shakespearean villain is stereotyped as: an outsider, someone who feels the need for revenge, and someoneRead More Much Ado About Nothing Essay: Many Facets of Love Explored847 Words   |  4 PagesMany Facets of Love Explored in Much Ado About Nothing      Ã‚   In Shakespeares romantic comedy Much Ado About Nothing, Shakespeare focuses a great deal of time to the ideas of young, lustful, and intellectual love. Claudio and Hero, Borachio and Margaret, and Benedick and Beatrice, respectively, each represent one of the basic aspects of love. Shakespeare is careful to point out that not one path is better than another. The paths are merely different, and all end happily. Shakespeare also exploresRead More Much Ado About Nothing Essay898 Words   |  4 Pages William Shakespeares Much Ado About Nothing is a play involving by deception, disloyalty, trickery, eavesdropping, and hearsay. The play contains numerous examples of schemes that are used to manipulate the thoughts of other characters; it is the major theme that resonates throughout the play. Ironically, it is one of these themes that bring serenity to the chaos that encompasses most of the play. amp;#9;The first example of deception we see is with the characters of Beatrice and Benedick.Read MoreWilliam Shakespeare s Much Ado About Nothing And Hamlet1503 Words   |  7 Pagesthoughts, well-being, actions, and interactions with the other set roles. William Shakespeare’s plays included dissimilar characters and different methods of characterization. The two plays that will be compared and contrasted are William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing and Hamlet. As for the characters from each play, Beatrice, Benedict, Don John, Don Pedro, Claudio, and Hero will be assessed from Much Ado About Nothing and from Hamlet, Hamlet, Claudius, Gertrude, Polonius, Laertes, and OpheliaRead MoreDeciet and Trickery in Shakespeare ´s Much Ado About Nothing Essay730 Words   |  3 Pages Deceit and trickery play a huge part in the play Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare. Deception is a key theme in the play, it also moves the plot along. Trickery and deceptio n is used in the love stories of couples Hero and Claudio, and Benedick and Beatrice, with opposite results. This play demonstrates two different kinds of deceit: the kind whose only purpose is to cause trouble, and the kind that is used to form a good outcome. In the relationship of Hero and Claudio, deceptionRead MoreEssay on The Themes of Noting and Deception in Much Ado About Nothing1251 Words   |  6 PagesNoting and Deception in Much Ado About Nothing Discuss the themes of noting and deception in Much Ado About Nothing The play Much Ado About Nothing was written by Williams Shakespeare in the late 1600s and over four centuries later it is still a significantly popular play and has widespread appeal. The play explores many themes including love, treachery, friendship, society and traditions. These five themes mentioned are still very much relevant in a lot ofRead MoreMuch to Do with Deception2356 Words   |  10 Pagesâ€Å"Much To Do With Deception† A Critical Research Paper about William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing Much Ado About Nothing, written by William Shakespeare, is a dramatic production that uses the tools of deception and humor under the category of comedy. As defined by Paul N. Siegel, â€Å"A comic play is usually accepted to be a light-hearted play with a happy conclusion.† Yet, Shakespearian tragic plays often use deception as a method to damage the role of the hero. In other Shakespearian tragediesRead More Movie Essays - Narrative Holes in Films of Shakespeares Plays2130 Words   |  9 PagesNarrative Holes in Films of Shakespeares Plays My subject in this essay in playtexts and in films of those playtexts. Drama offers the storyteller a simple choice about how to communicate each element of the story to the audience: show it, or have a character describe it. Often in drama narration is used because an event cannot be shown, but occasionally telling is used when showing is perfectly possible and Shakespeare uses this device self-consciously to draw attention to the mediumRead MoreMuch Ado About Nothing Essay928 Words   |  4 PagesThe play Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare consists of many themes which grow out of the ‘game of love. The two main themes consist of perception and deception. Through the plot complications, character development and dramatic techniques these themes can be explored. In the play deception is shown on both good and evil sides, the game of love between Beatrice and Benedick and the Don John plot to split up Hero and Claudio. Perception is a theme used in most of Sh akespeares plays. PerceptiveRead More Much Ado About Nothing Essay: Beatrice, Benedick, and Love879 Words   |  4 PagesBeatrice, Benedick, and Love in Much Ado About Nothing William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing   is set in thirteenth century Italy.   The plot of the play can be categorized as comedy or tragicomedy .  Ã‚  Ã‚   Villainy and scheming combine with humor and sparkling wordplay in Shakespeares comedy of manners. Claudio is deceived into believing that Hero, is unfaithful. Meanwhile, Benedick and Beatrice have a kind of merry war between them, matching wits in repartee.   This paper will attempt

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The Works Of Gustav Mahler - 2418 Words

Before gaining positive reception, the works of Gustav Mahler were rejected by his contemporaries for their incomprehensibility. In the 1960s Mahler boom, his compositions soon became staples in the orchestral literature (Botstein, 2002); the newer generation embraced them unsparingly, evincing the gradual apprehension of the intricate emotions embodied. Mahler’s distinctive qualities implore thorough study in order to understand how it brought about such perplexing phenomenon. Within the context of Mahler’s Second Symphony, this essay will focus on the following aspects: (i) its place within composer’s output, (ii) the inspiration leading to its conception, (iii) the composer’s hallmark, (iv) customary and innovative characteristics, (v)†¦show more content†¦Thus, the Second, Third and Forth Symphonies, alternatively known as ‘the Wunderhorn Symphonies’, exhibit a folk-like attribute that moderates in Mahler’s later works (Mit chell, 1975). INSPIRATIONS The first movement of the Second Symphony, entitled ‘Todtenfeier’ (‘Funeral Rites’), was composed in 1888. The subject is the autobiographical ‘Titan’ from the previous symphony, alludes to Mahler’s vision of himself â€Å"dead on a bier under heaps of wreaths and flowers† (Bauer-Lechner, 1980, p. ?). This vision gave way to the psychological drama of the movement in which Mahler blatantly questions the purpose of life and death (reference). Subsequently Mahler progressed only little due to a creative block. For the time being, ‘Todtenfeier’ was reverted to a standalone symphonic poem. While some sketches of the second movement date to 1888, the three central movements were only completed in 1893, with the latter two movements directly borrowed from Des Knaben Wunderhorn. The Scherzo is the instrumental adaptation of ‘Des Antonius von Padua Fischpredigt’ (‘St Anthony of Padua’s Sermon to the Fish’) (reference). It narrates the apologue of fishes which listen thoughtfully to St Anthony’s preaching, only to regress to their former sinful manners after the sermon - an apt analogy that criticizes the satirical attitude of human beings(reference). The fourth movement, ‘Urlicht’

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Is Political Polarization Good or Bad for American...

Thomas Mann of Brookings Institutions writes that, â€Å"in addition to the decline in competition, American politics today is characterized by a growing ideological polarization between the two major parties†. In addition to his opinion, political data has shown that political polarization is increasing and is more readily seen in the way the American government functions in the political sphere. In an article by the University of Rochester’s Campus Times they wrote â€Å"In 1950, the American Political Science Association’s Committee on Political Parties wrote a report called â€Å"Toward a More Responsible Two-Party System.† The report said that party leadership in Congress was far too lenient when it came to dissent within the party ranks, allowing members’ difference in positions to not be as important as they should. They said that in order for there to be a healthier democracy in the US, the country needed cohesive, top-down parties with cle ar agendas that can be carried out when in the majority. It also needed a cohesive minority party to criticize the majority party and act as an alternative.† While both the Campus Times and Thomas Mann suggest that polarization is somewhat necessary and is increasing, whether or not the necessity or increase is beneficial to American politics and government is debatable. In this paper, I argue that while polarization can be both unbeneficial and beneficial, for the most part is has proven to be unbeneficial for American politics and government.Show MoreRelatedDemocrats and Republicans in the US Congress are as ideologically consistent and distinct as they1500 Words   |  6 Pagesthe past few years. Parties have grown increasingly divided in the past years on all major policy dimensions in American politics, Democrats have become more liberal and Republicans have become more conservative and independents are also leaning towards sides now a days. In fact, I believe that polit ical polarization in congress was at an all-time high the past year. Party polarization has been increasing since the 1970’s and I believe it will not slow down any time soon, despite a period of depolarizationRead MorePolarization in Us Politics1665 Words   |  7 PagesAnalyze the evidence that American politics is becoming more polarized. If so, is this a reaction to the polarization of political elites? Approx 1500 words 13/12/10 The election of 2008... marked the end of an epoch. No longer could Republicans count on the basic conservatism of the American people, the reflexive hostility to candidates who favour big government (Darman, 2010, 34) In the 1970s and 1980s there was a consensus that the importance of political parties was in decline,Read MorePolarization Is Increasing. Good Or Bad, The Electorate1535 Words   |  7 PagesPolarization is increasing. Good or bad, the electorate is dividing more and more down party lines. Voters are struggling against each other in increasingly rigid groups with increasingly rigid ideologies. In Polarized Public Alan Abramowitz catalogs the data showing this trend through time (2013). The trend towards the poles of American politics has continues since his studies and shows no sign of stopping. Abramowitz gives some historical insight into the increasing division between politicalRead MoreThe Dysfunction of American Politics: How the Debasement of the American Citizenry has Facilitated Political Chaos2236 Words   |  9 Pagesits institutions, the American political system continues to function as originally designed: to limit government control beyond the basic protection of liberty. At face value, the dysfunction of the American political system is guilelessly attributed to party polarization. Yet, political faction, according to James Madison, is not necessarily a bad thing. Instead, he argues in The Federalist that it is an essential and effective feature of a properly structured government. Bessette and Pitney, JrRead MoreThe Conspiracy Theories And Social Issues1226 Words   |  5 Pagesreal effect on the political climate of the world and hold enough influence to drastically change the political climate, no matter if the theory is true or false. Turkay Nefes, a pr ofessor of sociology at the University of Oxford, author of many scholarly articles on Turkish politics and social issues, believes that political conspiracy theories will usually only hold water in your mind if it backs your current political beliefs (Nefes â€Å"Scrutinizing Impacts of Theories on Political Views). ConspiracyRead MoreEffects Of Hyperinflation On The Economy1281 Words   |  6 Pagesrates often experience bad economic performance (Fisher 877). In actuality, Venezuela has the highest inflation rate in the world. Due to various political and economic problems, this South American country’s inflation rate for the year of 2015 was of 180.9% (Forero) which is extremely high compared to other countries. To put this in perspective, the Federal Reserve aims for an inflation rate between 1 and 2 percent (Federal Reserve). Venezuela is living on a stage of political division, social problemsRead MoreMoney Makes The World Go Round1675 Words   |  7 PagesIt is fair to say that that America is a much-divided country, divided by political, social, and cultural problems. But perhaps the most dominant force behind every policy, every war, and every regulation in America has been money. â€Å"Money makes the world go round† or I should I say Money makes America go round. Prior to the World Wars, our economy was domestically run irrespective of what happened abroad. After War World II America sought to open their markets and reduce trade barriers with foreignRead MorePost Invasion Of Iraq And The Elements Of Disaster1340 Words   |  6 Pageslooking at post-invasion of Iraq and the elements of disaster that persisted and/or generated from the conflict. In essence, how has American military intervention in Iraq affected internal cultural relativity among ethnic, political and cultural lines, and as a result of the American intervention has it been beneficial or costly for the security, economic and political landscape in Iraq? In this liter ature review I will add scholarly discussion to consolidate evidence to answer the aforementioned researchRead More2-Party System Essay1710 Words   |  7 Pages2-Party System Essay As we know, a two-party system is one in which two political parties have a clear electoral advantage. Other political parties may exist, but in two-party systems the vast majority of elected office positions are held by members of only those two parties. Multi-party systems also exist throughout the world; in those systems, coalition governments are quite common, while in two-party systems they are very rare. Single-party systems also exist, but these systems tend not toRead MorePolitical Corruption And Political Scandals2204 Words   |  9 PagesCorruption has always been present, not just in the government, but in other institutions too. Although corruption has always existed, it has not been prevalent nearly as much in the past as it is today. Political corruption is when people at the highest levels of the political system misuse their power in order to make private gains. Political leaders are figures that are supposed to be looked up to and are supposed to make moral and rat ional decisions, not like the kind of decisions that are increasingly

Identified Free Essays

The Struggle life of a Mexican-American In today’s society, racial profiling is not unheard of, actually it is quite common. It is still at debate whether the act of racial profiling in moral or not. In the essay â€Å"Exile. We will write a custom essay sample on Identified or any similar topic only for you Order Now El Paso, Texas†, Saenz describes his personal experience of discrimination due to his ethnic background. Saenz is a Mexican-American and because he lives in El Paso, which is a border town, he is often mistaken for an illegal immigrant by other Americans. Throughout the essay, Saenz’s feeling about his identity as an American had changed. He feels like he is always being judged by Americans sorely on his appearances. Towards the beginning of his essay, Saenz feels like he belonged to America and he had a positive view about everything around him, special is the nature throughout his desk view. Saenz says, â€Å"I looked out my window and stared at the Juarez Mountains. Mexican purples – burning. † (p. 20). We can see that Saenz is enjoying his desk view. He goes further in describing how he feels, â€Å"All this color, all this color, all this color beneath the shadow of the Juarez Mountains. Sunset Heights: a perfect place with a perfect name, and a perfect view of the river. † (p. 20). These colors, especially the purple, represent the beauty of El Paso for him. At this point, it is easy for Saenz to find the beauty of El Paso. But later, Saenz’s feeling had changed because Saenz is stopped on the streets of his neighborhood and questioned by the border patrol officers. When she first saw him, she suspected that Saenz was not American. She asked him where he came from and later she repeated the question in Spanish because the thought Saenz could not understand English. Even thought Saenz said he was a U. S citizen, she still kept her suspicious about his identify and kept asking him some questions to make sure. Despite the rude questioning of the female border patrol officer, Saenz tried to stay friendly and appeasing. Afterwards, Saenz regreted the way he handled the situation saying, â€Å"I was embarrassed, ashamed because I’d been so damned compliant like a piece of tin foil in the uniformed woman’s hand. † (p. 22). At the same time Saenz becomes annoyed and says to himself, â€Å"pretty soon I’ll have to carry a passport in my own neighborhood. â€Å"( p. 22). Because he thinks when people stops him and starts to ask him the same questions, he would show them the passport to confirm that he is American then they cannot be mean to him. Besides, Saenz was affected by the questions of the border patrol officer and the attitudes, so he tried to do anything to get these questions out of his mind. As the result, he went for a run, he kept running until he could no longer hear â€Å" Are you sure you were born in Las Cruces? †. The next encounter, the border patrol officers still had doubt about him and they asked him some question such as: â€Å"Do you live in this neighborhood? , â€Å"Where down the street? † (p. 23). But in this encounter, he became more confident for his answers and with each pursuing officer Saenz becomes more aggressive. He replied they:† are you planning on making a social visit? â€Å"(p. 23). Couple months later, he was stopped again and be asked by the similar questions:† where are you from? † (p. 24). Saenz was so upset and he asked them to leave him alone. In another day, when he was in Juarez with his friend, Michael, the custom officer asked them to declare their citizenship. After they answered that they was U. S citizens, the officer kept asking Saenz about where he was born in America and did not ask Michael. In this situation, Saenz noticed that his friend did not be asked about the identity because he had blue eyes, white skin which makes him look like an American. Thus, Saenz feels like he was being discriminated against because his appearance. Saenz’s total shift is completed in his final confrontation of the essay. In this run in with the border patrol Saenz’s defiance is most blatant. Saenz is pushed past his threshold and snaps, saying to the officer, â€Å"Read me my rights, throw me in the can, or leave me alone. â€Å"(p. 26) The reader is able to view Saenz’s change in attitude. Saenz feeling of annoyance turns to pure hatred. Saenz states, â€Å"He hated me as much as I hated him. â€Å"(p. 26). We can see the feeling of Saenz had changed from the beginning through the end of the essay. When the first meet up with the female border patrol officer, he did not get upset about what she acted to him and her rude questions. Nevertheless, his feeling had changed day by day because of the behavior of the officers that makes him feel like he is separated from his neighborhood. Saenz’s lifestyle has been an ongoing struggle for him because of all the harassments and discrimination he encountered in El Paso. He realized that people judged him sorely based on his appearance and treats him different than his other American friends just because he doesn’t look like an ideal American. Throughout the essay he becomes less and less aware of his identity and who he really is. How to cite Identified, Essay examples

Subnet Level Network Topology Mapping †Free Samples to Students

Question: Discuss about the Subnet Level Network Topology Mapping. Answer: Introduction: In network communication, the protocol is defined as the rules by which two devices communicate over the given communication channel. All rules governing like syntax, communication initiation /Termination and packet size are all govern by the protocol itself. In case of any error the protocol must take care of the error and avoid the termination of the conversation. A network analyzer analyzes the packets captured on the communication channel during the communication between the network devices. Network analyze could be a software or hardware or even combination of both. These types of devices help in analyzing the traffic over the network and helps in troubleshooting any situation that relates to the network communication. The network analyzer is not a tool that can replace the firewall or anti-virus but these tools can enhance the functionality of these tools providing the better security and avoiding the risk of any attacks. A network hub is the device that is designed to connect the various devices to each other without understanding the data being communicated. When a hub receives the packet, it is transferred to all the connected devices to the hub. Switches on the other side are much more intelligent than hubs, the switches process and examine all the data communicated on the network and transferred it to the matching destination whose address matches the residing nodes. If the matching one is not found the packet is simply dropped from the network. The current system is slow due to the fact it has connected the devices using the Hub, as the hub being the dumb device and its transmits all the data to all the nodes, it leads to the situation of collisions and congestions. This leads to delay in the overall network hence leading to the number of retransmission of data packets that would lead to slower network as same work is done using more packets and more time is consumed in communications. If we use the network analyzer we would then receive in the output log lot of ICMP and LLC packets, this shows the ping request and data packets being transmitted all over the place and network receiving all the data which is meant for the single machine. (Yih-Chun Hu, Johnson, Perrig, n.d.) The solution to the situation is to use the network switch for the communication that would greatly bring down the number of ICMP and LLC packets on the network. This would also mean lesser congestion on the network and lower the traffic and systems would start with better speeds and would take less time booting up. In computer networks the path from one destination to other require the machines to follow certain algorithms for making the decisions. There are two major routing protocols for this: These are two major classes of routing protocol in which Distance vector uses Bellman ford, Ford-Fulkerson Algorithms to calculate the optimal paths. This routing protocol is quite simple protocol, it allows the routers to automate the process of packet delivery using the shortest path in order to reach the destination. The shortest path metric is cost that is associated with link. (Munaretto, Badis, Al Agha, Pujolle, n.d.) The protocol tracks the status of the connection with all the nodes and keep the track of speeds offered by the link. The status also includes if the link is up or not and how much time is needed for the packet to reach the required destination. Routers are needed to keep checking the paths and links in order to have updated routing information. This is why the link state is more complex hardware and have more overhead as compared to the Distance Vector. (Tao, Gao, Wang, Zhang, Ma, 2016) As in the figure 1 using the Distance Vector Routing the path that would be taken is A-B, whereas the Link state would take A-C-D-B that is 10 times faster than the Distance vector. If all the channels have same speed the Distance vector is preferred and if Link state is preferred in situation where speeds of links are different. (Yih-Chun Hu, Johnson, Perrig, n.d.) Subnetting is the process in which the network is divided into smaller networks in order to manage the congestion and collisions in the network. The division is done over the layer 3 of the OSI model of IP address. Current subnet is to have at least 6 networks with 1024 nodes each using the IP address Current requirements are as follows: (Manaf, Bataona, 2014) (Tozal, Sarac, 2011) Building A - 200 workstations Building B - 125 workstations Building C - 135 workstations Building D - 122 workstations Building E - 312 workstations Building F - 105 workstations With the given input the network would be subnetted using the subnet mask of or /11 that would provide 2097152 number of IP address each subnet. The List of networks is: The technology in network is more concerned in order to get the throughput and pumping of the data to the nodes regardless of how the data is being communicated in the network. In such situations, many packets might be even stored in buffered or dropped if the situation arise of overflow situation. The applications such as RTMP the situation is not at all idea hence the in order to have the optimal data transfer with constant bandwidth the protocol needs to have the feature known as Quality of Service known as QoS. Bandwidth Reservation:The Bandwidth is reserved for the certain period of time and it is generally being followed in multimedia based applications, also known as resource reservation. (Yuanmin Chen, Xiaodong Li, Wei Mao, 2008) Latency Management:Limit the delay between the two nodes. Traffic Prioritization:priority to the packet of certain type or protocol. Traffic Shaping:buffer and limits the packets to a predefined limit of the network Network Congestion Avoidance: monitor packets and routing information so that to use the lesser congestion. TOS (type of service) a field used in the IPv4 based header for many purposes on the network such as priority queue management, lower the delay using the routes having the high throughput and much reliable services. (Yuanmin Chen, Xiaodong Li, Wei Mao, 2008) References Manaf, A., Bataona, D. (2014). Analysis and design of subnetting methods: Hybrid fixed length subnet masking (HFLSM).2014 International Conference On Electrical Engineering And Computer Science (ICEECS). Munaretto, A., Badis, H., Al Agha, K., Pujolle, G. A link-state QoS routing protocol for ad hoc networks.4Th International Workshop On Mobile And Wireless Communications Network. Tao, J., Gao, X., Wang, B., Zhang, X., Ma, S. (2016). Multi-path based link-state routing mechanism.2016 18Th International Conference On Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT). Tozal, M., Sarac, K. (2011). Subnet level network topology mapping.30Th IEEE International Performance Computing And Communications Conference. Yih-Chun Hu, Johnson, D., Perrig, A. SEAD: secure efficient distance vector routing for mobile wireless ad hoc networks.Proceedings Fourth IEEE Workshop On Mobile Computing Systems And Applications. Yuanmin Chen, Xiaodong Li, Wei Mao. (2008). SIP peering based on distance vector algorithm.2008 11Th IEEE International Conference On Communication Technology.

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Servervault Analysis free essay sample

There are several approaches which are worth for SeverVault to consider. The first alternative is Status Quo (SQ), it means do nothing and let the business keeps running in the old way. Since Severvault is going to meet the venture capitalists who are interested in taking an equity stake in SeverVault in exchange for a cash investment, there are few possibilities that may might happen if it has decided to use Status Quo. The first possibility is that ServerVault has failed to attract those venture capitalist to invest. Then, due to the limited cash that ServerVault is holding and the negative cash flow, it will record a negative cash balance of $706422 in September 2000 (Appendix 1). Therefore, as there is no more additional capital investment in this period, ServerVault will not be able to keep operating its business and will result of bankrupt in the end. The second possibility is that if the venture capitalists invest only 5 million. We will write a custom essay sample on Servervault Analysis or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page This amount of capital can maintain its business in a short run. However, because investing in hosting company is classified as long term investment, and ServerVault is still in the early stage of its development. 5 million is not adequate to maintain its operation in long run. Since the cost of building the new facilities and the computer hardware are the major cash outflow, the net cash flow will still be negative. Therefore, November 2000 will be the last month recording of a positive cash flow of $798678 and it will have a negative cash balance of $876022 in December 2000 (Appendix 2). ServerVault is still walking towards the way of bankruptcy. The last possibility is that if the venture capitalists invest 15 million. In this case, although ServerVault will not have sufficient cash to run its business, it will be able to operate for a longer time compare to the second possibility. According the Appendix 3, Servervault will record its first negative cash balance of $102422 in July 2001. In short, quoting to the 12 months cash flow forecast of ServerVaut in Appendix 4, the cash outflow is exceeding than its cash inflow. If there is not additional funding besides those venture capitalists, ServerVault will not have enough cash to keep operating and will declare bankrupt eventually. The second alternative is the merging between ServerVault and the other hosting company. There are several advantages of merging with the other hosting companies in the same market. First of all, merging can expand its market share in hosting industry. Since each hosting company has obtained certain percentage of the market share, its market share may be sufficient to affect the market price of internet hosting service. If merging happens between two companies, their market shares will turn into a single company. Thus, that company will have more market share. More market share will enable a company to have a larger bargaining power to its suppliers, customers, investors. In this case, Serervault will have more bargaining power to its venture capitalists. Not only will the venture capitalists have a higher chance to invest 15 million, but also it will attract more capitalists to invest. Take the example of the two largest online video firms Tudou and Youku, the acquisition of Todou can grant more than 35% of market share which giving it more bargaining power with potential advertisers . Moreover, The joint operation is expected to help the firms cut costs in areas such as copyrights, bandwidth and server purchases. In short, not only merging can increase the market share, but also reduce the operating cost. Therefore, if merging can reduce the operating cost such as set up, hosting, and services cost will be definitely decrease in a significant portion. Another advantage is that merging can increase the competitiveness of its company. As the market share will be increased by merging two companies, it will has a lower production cost (operating cost). As a result, ServerVault can provide the same hosting service with a lower market price because of the lower production cost. Thus, since ServerVault has been doing the product differentiator because of its unique security technology, it can shift its cost driver from product differentiator to cost leader gradually. So it can widen its customer base not only for those who are looking for fast and secure internet service, but also for customers who cannot afford for the original price. With reference to the example of facebooks Instagram acquisition, since Instagram has become a popular application used on facebook, a site that has built an audience of some 950 million users,and its nature is similar with facebook about sharing photos on the internet, the acquisition can help facebook to eliminate a large competitor in photo sharing market. This movement helps facebook to maintain its competitiveness in the market. If ServerVault merges with the other hosting company, it will bring a similar effect as facebook and Instagram. Last but not least, merging with the other hosting company can help Servervault to solve its financial problem. If the merging company has adequate cash balance, it enables ServerVault to implement its original plan of expanding its business and building more new facilities. If the venture capitalists invest 5 million, ServerVault needs $11140422 to keep operating its business until it record a positive cash flow (Appendix 5). If they invest 15 million, it needs $1140422 until there is a positive cash flow (Appendix 6). (This calculation is based on the cost before merging, the real cost will be lower because of the lower operation cost after merging) However, there are some drawbacks about the merging. Firstly, the control power of the company will be shared between the merging company and ServerVault. Therefore, ServerVault may not have the full decision making power on its original plan. It may need to cooperate with the merging company to come up with a new plan for its future. Moreover, the confidential information such as the secure technology will no longer solely belong to ServerVault but the merging company as well. Therefore, there are some risks that ServerVault has to take if it has decided to merge with other hosting company. In conclusion, if Servervault chooses the alternative of Status Quo, it will no longer survive in the long run. Even if the venture capitalists invest 15 million cash in it, the longest life span of Serervault will be in Decemeber 2001 and as a result of bankruptcy. Therefore, as there is a high demand of cash in operating a hosting company, I strongly recommend ServerVault to consider the possibility of merging with the other hosting company. However, there are some arrangements which Servervault should concern. The first one is which company is the most appropriate one to merge with. To answer this question, we should focus on the market share and the financial position of that company. Servervault will not able to survive if the company has tiny market share and insufficient cash balance to support its expansion plan. Secondly, with reference to Appendix 4,the expected growth of web hosting industry are different among companies in different segment. Since the growth rate of managed section is way better than the co-located and shared (from 1million 2000 to almost 11 million 2004), we should consider merging with company which is also in managed section. The recommended companies are Digex, IBM, Data Return, and also Carpathia. If there is no company which can fulfill the above requirements, it means that expanding of its business rapidly is no longer a wise choice for Servervault.